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Al Ducker

Program Athletic Trainer



Al Ducker is a certified athletic trainer licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky. Al attended Ohio University where he graduated with honors in athletic training with a specialization in exercise physiology. In addition, Al has obtained his strength and conditioning certification.  Al joined Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center in 1989. He has provided athletic training services for many athletes ranging from high school and club sports to professional and Olympic athletes including being the head athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Rockers arena football team.  Throughout the years Al has been instrumental in coordinating the outreach program. He has earned the reputation of working with the sport of gymnastics where he makes routine visits to area facilities triaging injuries and making recommendations for the safety of the athletes.

Al has worked with the Sportsmetrics program since it was established in the early 90’s.  Al assists with development of the strength, agility and speed portion of the program by giving input based on the current research in strength and conditioning.  Al is currently the Manager of Athletic Training for Mercy Health Physicians.

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