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With your Sportsmetrics certification, you can use Sportsmetrics as part of the rehabilitation program in your clinic as well as offer training to athletes.

Warm Up for Injury Prevention & Performance

15-Minute Workout

Specially designed as a warm-up or quick workout, incorporating the four components of Sportsmetrics™ for maximum efficiency and conditioning.

The sports
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The Sportsmetrics Sports Injury Test helps identify risk factors associated with anterior cruciate knee injuries and also helps identify deficiencies related to an athlete’s strength, coordination and body alignment.

See instructional videos on jump form, strength and flexibility from our team of experts.

Sportsmetrics™ was developed by the researchers at Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation and the Noyes Knee Institute.

All Sportsmetrics-Certified Trainers must complete a 2-day course from the Noyes Knee Institute and must pass a written and practical exam.

This is for athletes who are recovering from injury, surgery, or wanting to ensure they are ready for their sport.

Why Choose Sportsmetrics?

Sportsmetrics™ is the first and largest ACL injury prevention program SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes. Developed by Dr. Frank Noyes and a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, Sportsmetrics™ is not just another plyometric training program. Jumping drills are used to teach the athlete to preposition the entire body safely when jumping landing.

“First prospective, nonrandomized clinical study showing protective effects of a neuromuscular training program” - Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

The selection and progression of these exercises are designed for neuromuscular retraining proceeding from simple jumping drills to multi-directional, single-foot hops and plyometrics with an emphasis on quick turnover.  A solid foundation of strength, coordination and overall physical conditioning is required for athletes to attain their highest potential in their sport-specific skills.

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Training Options

Training Options

From soccer to tennis we have a program for you that will help prevent injuries and increase athletic performance.

Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer

As a certified Sportsmetrics instructor, you’ll be able to use Sportsmetrics as part of the rehabilitation program in your clinic as well as offer the training to athletes in your area.

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

WIPP is a 20 minute program that is easily used as a warm up for practice and games or as a maintenance program after formal Sportsmetrics training.

Tested + Proven

Tested + Proven

The nonprofit Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation was founded in 1985 by Frank R. Noyes, M.D.

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Meet Dr. Frank R. Noyes Orthopaedic Surgeon

Frank R. Noyes, M.D. is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in knee surgery and sports medicine and an internationally recognized authority on the diagnosis and treatment of complex knee problems. He has been voted Best Doctors in America, Best Doctors in Cincinnati, and to the AOSSM Hall of Fame. He has international experience and is a robotic surgeon.


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Sportsmetrics Program Athletic Trainer

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