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Sportsmetrics Volleyball provides a complete training regimen to address fundamental strength, power and stamina. It includes the scientifically proven components of Sportsmetrics, along with speed and agility drills that are both aerobic and anaerobic. Drills are designed to train the athlete in the area that they are most familiar with: the volleyball court. Drills involve sharp cuts, pivots and deceleration techniques to enable the athlete to handle high-risk positions. The ball is added to some of these drills to incorporate sport-specific reactionary situations.

The entire program can be performed on the court with no equipment required other than a volleyball for each athlete. It should be performed in the athlete’s off or preparatory season, 3 days a week for 6 weeks on non-consecutive days. The key to success with Sportsmetrics Volleyball is to perform every exercise or drill with focused, concentrated effort, striving for perfect execution.

At the end of the six weeks of training, the athlete should be physically ready to begin the volleyball season with a solid foundation of strength, speed, agility and flexibility. These areas are the cornerstone for perfecting soccer specific skills.

Sportsmetrics Volleyball can be instructed by a certified Sportsmetrics instructor in a group or one-on-one.

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