Sportsmetrics / Female Athlete Health Initiative

Female Athlete Health Initiative

Female Athlete Health Initiative

Sportsmetrics™ was originally developed by the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation with the focus on ACL injury prevention for female athletes. The program has been successfully preventing injuries and returning athletes back to sports for over 25 years and is internationally.
recognized as an evidence based injury prevention and performance program.  As the program has expanded and developed over the years, it became apparent that the program could be helpful for more than just providing ACL injury prevention for athletes. In order to better serve our athletes, we’ve gathered resources from a multidisciplinary team whose focus to bring a holistic approach to treating female athletes and the unique issues they face in sport.

Prevention of ACL injuries is just one piece in the puzzle to making sports safer and healthier for our female athletes that is why we have worked to develop an educational series to expand beyond the ACL. The Sportsmetrics Female Athlete Health Initiative is a program developed to provide evidenced based research and best practice recommendations for the health and wellness of female athletes. The initiative aims to equip athletes, coaches, parents, and health care professionals with valuable health and wellness information specific to the female athlete that will allow athletes to reach their fullest potential in their respective sport. Research in the field of female athlete sport performance has been slowly growing and in order to better support the growing number of girls in sport, we need to recognize that there are differences between the sexes that influence how athletes should train, eat, and recover to optimize their sport performance. The goal of the Sportsmetrics Female Athlete Health Initiative is to empower female athletes to make educated decisions that will optimize their health, wellness, and athletic performance across their lifetime.

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Introducing the Female Athlete Health & Wellness Program at Mercy Health!

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May 2023 Sportsmetrics Certification Course

Back to sunny Hilton Head, SC!  Our favorite course of the year, not only because we are in Hilton Head…

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About Sportsmetrics™

The first ACL Injury Prevention Program that is scientifically proven, was created by a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, under the direction of Dr. Frank Noyes. Sportsmetrics™ is the foundation upon which sports-specific skills are built. Sportsmetrics™ is the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes.

There is a way for every athlete:

  • In Cincinnati, train with Cincinnati SportsMedicine professionals.
  • Train with one of our Certified Clinical Sites or Instructors outside of the Tri-State area.
  • At home, train on your own with the Sportsmetrics Video Series.
  • As you work to get back from an injury, train with rehabilitation professionals using our Return- to-Play protocols.