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Sportsmetrics™ Basketball provides a well rounded training regimen to address fundamental strength, coordination, agility and aerobic™ which includes a dynamic warm-up, jump/plyometrics drills, strength training and stretching. Whenever possible a basketball is used to enhance balance, postural/body control and trunk strength. The strength exercises are functional body weight exercises emphasizing total body conditioning. Agility drills and cardiovascular workouts that are based on basketball movement patterns and drills, round out the training.

The entire program can be performed entirely on the basketball court with no equipment required other than a basketball for each athlete. It should be performed in the athlete’s off or preparatory season 3 to 6 days per week depending on implementation. The key to success with Sportsmetrics Basketball is to perform every exercise or drill with focused, concentrated effort, striving for perfect execution.

At the end of the six weeks of training, the athlete should be physically ready to begin the basketball season with a solid foundation of strength, endurance, agility and flexibility. These areas are the cornerstone for perfecting basketball specific skills.

Sportsmetrics Basketball can be instructed by a certified Sportsmetrics instructor in a group or one-on-one. It can also be done using the Sportsmetrics Basketball Instructional Video and Manual.

The Sportsmetrics Basketball Instructional DVD and Manual are available for $55.

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