Sportsmetrics™ is the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes.

  • Great Information, very easy to follow–Course Participant

  • Simple, effective and budget friendly training concepts–Course Participant

  • Great demonstration, gave us a good idea what our athletes will be going thru–Course Participant

  • Thank you for your work and dedication to this problem–Course Participant

  • This is my first class in 20 years that is completely backed by research, results and support–Course Participant

  • Very organized and thorough, would recommend to any PT or ATC–Course Participant

As one of the largest injury prevention programs in the world, Sportsmetrics™ trains and certifies many people in the United States and in countries throughout the world. Follow this link to hear how other certified individuals are using the Sportsmetrics™ program and how the athletes we train are effected.

WIPP is a specially designed ACL injury prevention warm-up, incorporating the four components of Sportsmetrics™ for maximum efficiency and conditioning. It integrates the proven components of Sportsmetrics™ ACL injury prevention for 20 minutes of nonstop muscle and joint preparation, plyometrics, strength and flexibility. WIPP also includes agility drills that can facilitate a quick transition into practice activities.

The clinical research studies conducted by Sportsmetrics™ and the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research & Education Foundation provide viewers with realistic evidence based data about the Sportsmetrics™ training program and how it can affect athletes and reduce the rate of injuries. Follow the above link to view our research.

Our interns help out with a great deal of training high school athletes.  The training is technique-specific so it is a great opportunity to learn about the mechanisms of ACL injuries and how to prevent these injuries.   Our interns are fully involved in testing and will also be asked to read research articles and participate in journal clubs.  Beyond that, we give our interns tasks involving everyday upkeep of the Sportsmetrics program, including data entry, literature reviews and contacting our national sites.


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