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Sportsmetrics Master Course 2019! In The News


With our 2nd annual Sportsmetrics Master Level Course under our belt, we are happy to welcome 10 new Level II Certified Sportsmetrics Specialists.  We thank George Davies for his attendance, presentation and much valued contribution to our program.  We look forward to continuing our Master Level program with the latest interventions in knee injury prevention.

Jon Bafford, DC, ACBEP:  Bafford Spine & Rehab, Newark, OH

Amanda Bevilacqua, PT:  Prescribed Motion, Amherst, NY

George Davies, DPT, MED, ATC, CSCS:  Georgia Southern University, Savannah, GA

Robert Graves, AT:  Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA

Kyle Knapp, PT:  Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates, Broken Arrow, OK

Sasha Kolbeck, DPT, OCS:  Rose City Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

Natalia Pallares, DPT, OCS:  Miramar, FL

Jared Ruffing, MS, AT, CSCS:  Seneca East HS, Bellevue, OH

Lauren Stark, ATC:  Searcy, AR

Cynthia White, ATC, SEAT:  Manning, SC