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On July 20-21, we hosted a course in Cincinnati to 14 new Sportsmetrics Certified Instructors.  Our group included physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, athletic trainers and exercises specialists from all over the country.  We began the course with didactic lectures from Dr. Frank Noyes, Derek Kautzmann, PT, CSCS, and Stephanie Smith, MS.  After lunch, we got into the hands on portion of the program where the group was able to practice and demonstrate corrective technique of jump, land and deceleration movements.  Because of the great interaction our course offers among participants, the group quite often makes plans for dinner together as this group did at Cincinnati’s world famous Montgomery Inn.  Onto Sunday, Tommy Campbell, BA finished out the course with marketing and implementation options where participants are able to discuss individualized plans for implementing Sportsmetrics in their communities.

We welcome our 14 new instructors and thank you for your commitment to injury prevention!

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