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Sportsmetrics Achieves National Recognition in Premier Journal Uncategorized

Sportsmetrics was recently recognized in a major publication for its efforts in ACL injury prevention. In the April 3rd issue of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Postma and West reviewed ACL injury prevention programs from the past 2 decades, as well as risk factors, clinical studies, screening and compliance.

Our 1999 Sportsmetrics study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine was sited as the first prospective, non-randomized clinical study sho

wing the protective effects of a neuromuscular training program. The JBJS publication pointed out that the untrained female athletes in our study had a significantly increased incidence of injury when compared to the Sportsmetrics-trained female group and untrained males.

The article concludes that a good ACL injury prevention program should incorporate feedback on technique, be performed throughout the year, and focus on flexibility, strengthening, and plyometrics.

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