Sportsmetrics Certification programs give you the opportunity to be part of the only injury prevention program that offers certification, while having access to the latest research in ACL injuries and prevention from nationally-known researcher Dr. Frank Noyes. Sportsmetrics is proven to reduce the incidence of non-contact ACL injuries, and only Sportsmetrics practitioners certified by Cincinnati Sports Medicine can offer Sportsmetrics training.  As a certified Sportsmetrics instructor, you’ll be able to use Sportsmetrics as part of the rehabilitation program in your clinic as well as offer the training to athletes in your area. At the same time, you’ll have the support of the entire Cincinnati Sports Medicine staff for Sportsmetrics training, and knee injury research. Be the first in your area to offer Sportsmetrics as part of your rehab program, and to athletic teams to try to prevent injuries during the season. Sportsmetrics certification also offers CEU credits for the sessions.The Sportsmetrics™ program assists in reducing the risks of serious knee injury and enhances athletic performance. The certification allows clinics and individuals to offer Sportsmetrics™, a nationally acclaimed program, to athletes in their communities.Sportsmetrics™ can become the corner stone for community outreach by focusing on injury prevention and athletic performance for healthy and recovering athletes. It will assist you with enhancing relationships with coaches, schools, sports clubs, and physicians.The Certification will provide health or exercise/fitness professionals with:Sportsmetrics Agenda


  • Research and development of the Sportsmetrics program from Dr. Frank Noyes
  • Research and history of ACL mechanism of injury, reconstruction and rehabilitation of primary and revision ACL reconstructions from Dr. Frank Noyes
  • Practical demonstrations and participation in Sportsmetrics technique and training including plyometrics, agility and speed and sports injury testing
  • An understanding of video analysis of jumping and landing mechanics
  • Recommendations for ACL return to play criteria
  • Detailed training for athletes and patients
  • Recommendations for marketing and promotion
  • Extensive course manual that includes research documentation, technique photos, Sports Injury Testing requirements, training recommendations, protocols, marketing materials and provider responsibilities

Course Pre-Requisites

    • All participants should possess a degree or accredited certification in a health or exercise field. Experience working in group or individual athlete training is preferred. TARGET AUDIENCE:  Physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, physician assistants, orthopaedic surgeons
    • Purchase of one set of Sportsmetrics™ DVD’s Volume I ,II and III, Video Analysis software. (included in tuition)
    • Possession of a digital video camera equipped to advance video frame by frame, capture still pictures, and a computer (for performing jumping and landing analysis)
    • Review of Volumes I & II prior to course attendance is recommended
    • Review of Sportsmetrics developmental research articles is recommended (included in confirmation packet)
    • Course Tuition: $740 (Hilton Head Course- $790)

Material and Activities Provided

    • Extensive course manual that includes research documentation, technique photos, Sports Injury Testing requirements and techniques, training recommendations, protocols, marketing materials and provider responsibilities. Be prepared to workout. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. No sandals or bare feet.
    • Breakfast and lunch
    • Continuing Education Credits:
    •      10.5 BOC CEU’s (3.25 EBP Category and 7.25 Category A) for Athletic Trainers
    •      11.5 CEU’s approved by the OPTA for Physical Therapists
    •      11  CCU’s approved by ProCert (FSBPT) for Physical Therapists
    •      CEU’s vary from state to state. Please check with your individual state for specifics.
    • Certificate of completion upon completion of a practical exam and a score of 70% or higher on a written exam

At completion of registration you will recieve an email containing your confirmation packet.

This packet will include:

    • Thank you letter
    • Transportation and Lodging Information
    • Course Location and Directions
    • Course Agenda
    • Site Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Camera Specifications

Sportsmetrics™ Faculty

Frank R. Noyes, MD
Stephanie Tutalo Smith, MS

Tommy Campbell, BA

Al Ducker, ATC, CSCS

Course Cancellation Policy

Cincinnati SportsMedicine reserves the right to cancel a scheduled Sportsmetrics™ Certification due to lack of enrollment. If there is not a minimum of 10 registered course participants at least 2 weeks before the course is scheduled to take place, the course may be cancelled. In the event of a course cancellation, all participants registered for the course will be given the option of a full refund or the opportunity to transfer their registrations to a future certification course offering.