Warm-up for Injury Prevention and Performance (WIPP)

The research team at Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation know that athletes’ schedules are tight, and that making time for injury prevention conditioning is not always a priority in the off season. In addition, even the best off season conditioning requires in season attention, in order for athletes to maintain their desired level of fitness. With this in mind, the Sportsmetrics™ Warm-up for Injury Prevention and Performance program was developed.

WIPP is a specially designed warm-up, incorporating the four components of Sportsmetrics™ for maximum efficiency and conditioning. It integrates the proven components of Sportsmetrics™ for 20 minutes of nonstop muscle and joint preparation, plyometrics, strength and flexibility. WIPP also includes agility drills that can facilitate a quick transition into practice activities.WIPP Pics

  • Dynamic Warm-up
    -2 minutes
  • Plyometric/Jump Drills
    -5 minutes
  • Strength Drills
    -7 minutes
  • Flexibility Exercises
    -4 minutes
  • Warm-up Agility Drills
    -2 minutes

The program is appropriate for use during training sessions for any sport that involves jumping, landing, cutting or twisting. Using WIPP keeps athletes constantly moving and taking advantage of the limited time in practice for muscle preparation. WIPP prepares muscle group and joints that are frequently injured: groin, hamstrings, low back, hip flexor and quads. An entire team can perform the WIPP program together.

Let Sportsmetrics™ WIPP your athletes into shape!

WIPP can be instructed by a certified Sportsmetrics™ instructor in a group or one-on-one. It can also be done using the Sportsmetrics™ WIPP Instructional Video and Manual.

The Sportsmetrics™ WIPP Instructional DVD and Manual are available for $45. Sportsmetrics™ WIPP is also available on DVD with Vols. 1&2 Techniques and Training for $90.