Sportsmetrics™ Return To Play was developed for athletes who have already suffered an injury or had knee surgery, to ensure they are ready for return to their sport. Under the supervision of a Sportsmetrics™ certified physical therapist or athletic trainer, the athlete will learn the fundamentals of Sportsmetrics™ in a clinic setting and then train at home using the Sportsmetrics™ Video Series Volumes 1 & 2 over a six week period. The program is appropriate for ACL rehab or for any other lower extremity therapy that includes plyometric training. It combines the components of the Sportsmetrics™ Technique and Training program:RTP One Page Flyer

    • Dynamic Warm-up
      -5 minutes
    • Plyometrics/ JumpTraining
      -30 minutes, 3 two-week phases
    • Strength Training
      -30 minutes
    • Flexibility Training
      -10 minutes

How Return to Play Works:

Once the athlete’s readiness has been established by a therapist and Sports Injury Testing (SIT), the therapist or trainer instructs the athlete on proper form and technique in the clinic. The athlete then performs phase 1 of training at home three times per week for two weeks. The athlete then returns to the clinic for evaluation and instruction on the next phase of training, after which they perform phase 2 activities at home with the videos. This pattern is repeated one more time with phase 3. The athlete is evaluated again at the end of the program using the SIT to evaluate progress, and to confirm that the athlete is ready to return to their sport activity. The cost of the 4 training sessions and rental of the Sportsmetrics™ video is $150*.

For athletes who need more one-on-one training with an instructor during the 6-week training, we offer additional sessions:

-7 sessions: athlete sees instructor once a week and performs jumps at home twice a week with the DVD….$200*

-13 sessions: athlete sees instructor twice a week and performs jumps at home once a week with the DVD….$250*

-18 sessions: athlete sees instructor for every training session…$300*

*Local training only.  For training rates in your area, find your local certified trainer under our “FIND A TRAINER” page.

For more information, contact Stephanie Smith, Sportsmetrics™ Coordinator at 513-346-4514 or

Return To Play is instructed by a certified Sportsmetrics™ instructor one-on-one with use of the Sportsmetrics™ Techniques and Training Instructional Videos and Manual. The Sportsmetrics™ Techniques and Training Instructional DVD and Manual are available for $55 on DVD.